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...According to the readings of Edgar Cayce, there are three births: spirit, physical, and soul. The horoscope is set at the time of the spirit birth—which occurs during labour, approximately four hours before the physical birth, on average. This should not be confused with the soul birth, which the Cayce readings say usually occurs within 24 hours following the physical birth.

     Some folks read their report and say, “That sounds just like me, but there is this other thing that doesn’t.” We learn from the Cayce readings that although the Birth Chart represents the “blueprint” that you chose for yourself before birth, your free will during this lifetime can change that. Furthermore, the planets’ recordable positions change every four minutes, so unless you know the exact time of your spirit birth (and most people don’t), your astrology chart will be based on a close approximation.

Available Astrological Reports are listed below:

Birth Chart

The Birth Chart is a picture or “blueprint” of the position that the planets were in at the moment your spirit came into being. Unless you are an astrologer, it will mean very little to you without some type of interpretation report. Also available in French.  — $5.00


Birth Interpretation Report

This report provides an in-depth review of your life aspects at the time of birth. It is clearly written, with no technical “astrological jargon”. Also available in French.   — $20.00


Cayce Past Life Report

This report is based on a study of the Edgar Cayce readings. The language of the report is esoteric and inspiring. Drawn from your birth chart, it will tell you the possibilities and probabilities of where you may have had a past life and some of the lessons learned and/or transferred to this lifetime. Also available in French.  — $20.00


Child Report

A Child Report is intended specifically for parents, and it focuses on issues that parents are concerned about for their children: a child’s needs, talents, potential problems, health, relationship to parents, school environment, etc.
Please indicate Male orFemale.  — $20.00


Compatibility Report

The Friendship and Romantic Compatibility Reports analyze the relationship of two people. They explore the most significant issues of the relationship. They are very readable, and offer insights on how two people can handle problem areas and learn to better appreciate each other. To order, you must specify Friendship  or Romantic.   — $20.00


Horoscope Projections

These reports are projections of the probablilities that you will experience in the future, based on your birth natal chart.

Six-Month Horoscope Projection   — $29.00
Twelve-Month Horoscope Projection  — $40.00


Vocational Guidance Report

This is a wonderful tool for those who wish to learn more about (or are seeking) their vocations or professions. It considers strengths found in the individual Birth Interpretation Report and guides the reader in finding his or her true vocation, while at the same time providing an analysis of personal characteristics, unused potential, ability to earn money, etc. It is written in a clear and direct manner.  — $20.00

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