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Edgar Cayce Canada


Our Mission:
“To encourage exploration and application of the principles
in the Edgar Cayce readings”
About ECC

The “work” of Edgar Cayce has been going on in Canada for over 30 years. Pioneered by Canadian students of the Cayce material, it blossomed from the intuitive thoughts and prayers of many individuals. By the year 2000, it had grown to a size that required incorporation and became the legal entity now known as Edgar Cayce Canada.


Edgar Cayce Canada is a non-profit, membership-driven, educational organization governed by a Canadian Board of Directors.


Edgar Cayce Canada promotes educational opportunities through the sponsorship of conferences, workshops, lectures and retreats across Canada, as well as through the establishment and nurturing of spiritual growth study groups.


Edgar Cayce Canada is an International Centre of the Association for Research and Enlightenment Inc (A.R.E.), an organization founded in 1931 by Edgar Cayce and a group of individuals. The headquarters of the A.R.E. are located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.A.

The Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE)











Edgar Cayce Canada is affiliated with the Association for Research and Enlightenment as an International Centre. The A.R.E. was founded by Edgar Cayce in the 1930s, and has its headquarters and archives in Virginia Beach, Virgina. There are now more than 50 International Cayce centres around the world. 



Below is some information about other A.R.E. centres, as well as A.R.E. Regions and urban centers in the United States.


  • A.R.E. eGroups are a wonderful way for participants from all over the world to interact and study online with A.R.E. mentors who are not only knowledgeable on particular spiritual subjects, but also apply their knowledge in practical ways in their daily lives.


  • Edgar Cayce TV — This is a link to a number of A.R.E. YouTube videos on various Cayce topics.





Health Studies


A.R.E. Regions:


Heartland Region: Illinois, Indiana, Eastern Iowa, Western Michigan, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Northeast Missouri and Wisconsin. (Bunker Hill, Illinois)


Northeast Region New England and New York. (Weymouth, Massachusetts)


California and Nevada Region




  • Pacific Northwest Region, Oregon, Washington, Alaska. (Olympia, Washington)


  • Pacific Southwest Region, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and the Southern portions of Kansas, Missouri, and New Mexico.


  • Southeast Region — Alabama, Florida, Georgia, southwestern Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. (Summerdale, Alabama)


  • Rocky Mountain Region — Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, northern Kansas, Montana, northeastern Missouri, Nebraska, Northern New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming. (Denver, Colorado)


   A.R.E. Urban Centres


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